RMS Titanic and the town of Cobh share an important element of the heritage that came to constitute one of the best-known maritime tragedies in the
world. Queenstown, as Cobh was then known, was the last port of call on the tragic maiden voyage of the great ship. The passengers and mail that went
aboard Titanic from Cobh were the last to do so.

When Titanic lifted its anchor, for what was to be the very last time at the mouth of Cork Harbour on the 11th April 1912, few would have contemplated that
three and a half days later a tragedy of epic proportions would unfold. Today the town of Cobh helps keep the memories and lessons of Titanic by preserving
the original buildings, streets and piers associated with that time-frame of a century ago. In its Titanic walking tour, its museum, it’s interactive Titanic Experience, Cobh, The Queenstown Story, and it’s monuments and signage, the commemoration of the story of Titanic and the preservation of its connection with Cobh is respectfully kept alive for visitors to the town.

In Cobh one can explore the real stories and images of these connections among the actual physical environment where the last events in that most famous tragedy were played out.